Akhmad Nushoir Mubaroki

Entrepreneur, DevOps Enthusiast & System Administrator


Since born on August 29, many people usually call me "OKI". From elementary school I have famous name "MUBAROKI", but began junior high school my friends have many way to called me, start "Mub", "Bar", "Roki", "Nushoir", "Akhmad", "Kakak", "Kak Oki", honey, and many more. Familiar with computers since first grade in elementary school. 2008 it was first time to start development website using wordpress, getting know Linux desktop or servers and digital marketing.


Project Management

System Analyst

Scrum Master



System Administration

Business Strategist

Tech Writing


Digital Strategist

Search Engine Optimization


I was very happy to do something that made me stay in front of the monitor for too long. Because I have a very high curiosity, I often spend time doing anything that I think can spend my free time. I am currently active as a digital marketer by managing several personal projects both as a publisher and an affiliate marketer. Besides that, since 2016 with my friends I decided to set up a digital company that we named PT Imersa Solusi Teknologi. Our company serves website design, development applications and digital marketing. For now we have successfully collaborated with several SMEs, national companies and government.

Imersa has a main office in our birthplace located in the Nganjuk district, and an office that lives in a co-working space in Yogyakarta and Bogor. Despite having three different locations, we still cultivate full remote working to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency. So it still makes me feel free, don't need to undergo a monotonous life and should be every day at the office. Basically I can work anywhere.


Don't hesitate to contact me directly via personal email [email protected], or via my social media account below:


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